Commercial Plumbing


Plumbinex is your first choice for reliable commercial installations & project management services.

Commercial Plumbing Services

We provide commercial plumbing services to a wide range of commercial clients. We understand the needs and pressures of business only too well and we’ll support you, ensuring your organisation can get on with it’s daily business.

  • Water Service
  • Drainage
  • Back Flow Prevention
  • Commercial Rain Water Tanks
  • Large Scale Developments
  • Pit Construction
  • Specialised Installation (Brews & Winery Systems)

Commercial Gasfitting

Gas leaks can be dangerous and it is essential that a qualified gasfitter tests and repairs any gas leak on either natural gas or LPG gas pipelines or appliances. We have the correct gas equipment to test and confirm if there is a leak in your home or office. If the leak is below ground or in a concealed space then our gasfitter can quote you to fix the leak and replace the gas pipework where required – and we can fix your gas leak 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  • Installation of  commercial catering equipment

Commercial Roofing 

  • Large Scale Roofing Installations

Commercial Mechanical Services

  • Heating, cooling & ventilation
  • Plant room Setups
  • Heating Hot Water (HHW) Chilled Water (CHW)
  • Large Scale Pipe Systems